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Get the most from every penny spent in your ad account.

Learn how you can take your Facebook and Instagram campaigns to the next level with my auditing service. 

I'm a performance marketer who has worked with hundreds of businesses spending anywhere from £1000 per month to £250,000 per month.

20 Minute Video Audits - 5 Star Feedback

"Luke is a deep paid social expert. He slices through the complexity of Facebook ads like a samurai cuts sword through butter"

Founder of Kurve

"Luke has helped us across a range of projects. More importantly, he's helped us make our clients money."

Co-Founder of Growth Division

Every time I audit an account i cry

Okay maybe I don't cry, but It does hurt to see when legitimate businesses are leaving money on the table. See if you can relate to any of the following...

A lot of different metrics exist within business manager (over 65!). CTR, CPC, CPM, frequency, purchase, landing page views - the list goes on. Ever get confused with what metric is most important for you? 

Launching a campaign and initially seeing good results. However after a day or so things quickly nose dive but you have no idea why. 

You're making sales organically and on other channels but Facebook keeps making you lose money because your CPA is too high?

See an example audit

Check out this audit I done for a customer. Their account details and names will be kept private (just like your audit will be). 

"Luke helped me identify a range of issues in my account. The audit was short, sharp and actionable. Highly recommended."

Founder of Total Mental Performance

"Luke has helped us leverage paid ads better than ever before. There is now structure and strategy in place."

Owner of Andrew Mellen 

How does it work?

Answer the questions on the thank you page to give me some context to your account (and access to your account). 

After payment I will return within 48 hours (not weekends) with a 20 minute video audit. This may or may not include some extra freebies to help depending on what I find. 

Find out EXACTLY what you need to do to immediately start seeing results.

With your newly found profitable ad account I will ensure you are one step closer to retirement. 

Who am i?

I’m a senior partner in one of the most well reputed growth marketing agencies in Europe

Spent millions of pounds on advertising with budgets ranging from £1000 to £250,000 per month. 

Worked across a wide variety of industries including ecommerce, saas, mobile app, finance and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

I thought you would never ask...its £249 one time payment.

What will I get within my audit?

It's a 20 minute critique of your account. I will look at the most important factors (your key result) and work backwards from there. Each account is different so I may end up talking about creatives or campaign structure or audience targeting etc.  

In addition if there are key factors missing I will send you additional documentation.

Do you only audit Facebook ad accounts?

Yes I specialise in Facebook marketing. If you give me access to your adwords account I will probably break please only let me have access to your business manager account.

Who don't you work with?

I can audit any ad account. The questions on the thank you page will give me context about your business, key KPIs, customer lifetime value etc so I can review it efficiently. 

However if you're spending less then £1000 per month I wouldn't recommend the audit. Personally I would focus on evaluating product market fit and organic sales first.

Did you steal this service idea from someone?

Yes of course I did! In fact I was in a coworking space and met a gentleman that goes by the name of Olly.

Turns out he owned and he inspired me to create a similar offer but for Facebook advertising. 

If you need the exact same service but for CRO I would STRONGLY advise you click the link above. 

STOP spending money on campaigns that do not work and book your audit today

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